Medication that can cause hair loss


All medications are always designed to assist in the treatment of various ailments. However, sometimes, the drugs that we take end up having some negative impacts on us. There are some drugs that may lead to excess growth of hair, change in texture and color of hair and even hair loss. Hair loss, both natural and drug-induced has an effect on the self-esteem of the victim. Many individuals are affected by the thought that anyone who sees them and notices hair loss will judge them based on their sickness. However, the good part about drug-induced hair loss is that it is reversible once one stop taking the drug.

So how do drugs cause hair loss? Drugs often cause hair loss when they interfere with the normal scalp hair growth cycle. The hair passes through a growth cycle. There are two phases involved in the cycle; the anagen phase and telogen phase. The anagen phase stays for about three to four years, the duration when the hair grows. The anagen phase is followed by the telogen phase which lasts for about three months. This is the resting period for hair. When this stage is over, there is falling out of hair and new growth to replace the fallen-out hair.

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Telogen effluvium appears to be the most common form of results interruption. The hair begins falling out as a result of medication which enters the telogen earlier than they should. It takes some time for the hair loss to begin occurring after taking the drugs. The effects on the hair might be felt or seen after two or three months of medication. This is an indicator that those whose hair is affected by medication must be long-term users of some drugs.

Anagen effluvium is the second hair loss type associated with medical conditions. This type of hair loss occurs during the anagen phase, a stage characterized by growth of hair. The hair loss, in this case, results from the reaction of the medication on the matrix cells which prevent them from naturally dividing to produce new hairs. Contrary to Telogen effluvium, Anagen effluvium response to medication is rather instant because it occurs as soon as the drug is taken. It may take some few days or few weeks.

A majority of hair loss incidences are as a result of Anagen effluvium, which leads to the falling out of the body hair. The condition is common among the users of chemotherapy drugs which are in the treatment of cancer. The drugs are known to damage or destroy healthy matrix and cancer cells. Hair loss that is chemotherapy-related may be more severe if the patient has drugs combination.

Birth control pills are known to cause hair loss among those women who stop taking them, after a long period of their use. Oral contraceptives contain anti-androgens which lower the level of testosterone in the body.  The low levels of testosterone cause hair loss in women. The moment the use of the contraceptive pill stops, testosterone protection is withdrawn, resulting in hair loss.

Anticoagulants, alternatively known as blood thinners, are medications that help in staving off blood clotting and prevention of complications among people with conditions such as heart disease which causes hair loss. Hair loss caused by anticoagulants affect the whole scalp and not just one area. Anticoagulants that can bring about hair loss include warfarin sodium and heparin injections.

Other medications include;

  • Gout medications such as Allopurinol are used to treat gout, a type of arthritis which leads to telogen effluvium. This medication may also come in brand names such as Zyloprim and Lopurin.
  • Beta blockers, medications which reduce heart workload and helps in lowering of blood pressure. They cause telogen effluvium. They come in brands such as Nadolol, Metoprolol, Atenolol, Propranolol and Timolol.
  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE) are another blood pressure medication. They can also lead to Telogen effluvium. Inhibitors such as Lisinopril, Enalapril and Captopril could as well result in Telogen effluvium.
  • Doses of vitamin A, when taken in large quantity, may lead to Telogen effluvium. It is from vitamin A that Isotretinoin, acne medication is derived.
  • Female hormones; when they are taken for a long time, they trigger loss of hair. They include estrogen, progesterone and birth control pills.
  • Male hormones; men taking anabolic steroids or testosterone could also go through male pattern balding. These hormones trigger loss of hair.
  • Antidepressants; medications used for the treatment of anxiety and depression are a cause for Telogen effluvium. These antidepressants include Amoxapine, Amitriptyline, Clomipramine, Desipramine, Doxepin, Fluoxetine, Haloperidol, Imipramine, Nortriptyline, Paroxetine, Protriptyline, Sertraline and Trimipramine.
  • Anticonvulsants, also known as anti-seizure medications, may lead to diffuse loss of hair. Medications include trimethadione and valproic acid.

As a precaution, one should see a doctor when experiencing loss of hair to confirm the cause, especially if they are under medication. In the case of severe loss, the doctor may opt to give a different prescription to avoid further loss of hair.

A Comparison of Various Types of Popular Diets Today

There are so many types of diets out there that it can be quite confusing for people to choose one that’s right for them. Just remember that not all people are the same and while a certain type of diet can work for one person, there is a very good chance that it won’t provide the same results to another. To know the most appropriate diet plan for you, always consult a professional dietician or nutritionist.

Diets in Review

The Atkins Diet, conceived by Dr. Robert Atkins, is arguably one of the more popular diets in recent years. The Atkins diet considers carbohydrates and trans fats as the culprit for most cases of obesity. The diet rejects the established food pyramid and singles out the high-intake of carbohydrates as the cause of many metabolic disorders. The Atkins diet focuses on a lean protein diet, a careful intake of carbohydrates, and vitamin supplements.

The Beverly Hills Diet is a relatively questionable diet plan which emphasizes the correct combination of foods to aid in natural weight loss. It claims that specific reactions of food chemicals, such as enzymes, aid in burning fat in the body. Central to this plan is the abstinence from protein during the initial eleven days, during which time only fruit is allowed. Carbohydrates can be taken on the eleventh day while protein can be taken on the nineteenth. This diet is not based on any medical evidence though and nutritionists claim that it deprives people of essential nutrients.

The Body for Life Diet is a fitness and weight loss program that emphasizes correct eating habits as well as exercise, aerobics and weight-lifting. Meals are broken into six small meals a day. There is good variety in the meals, so nutrient deficiency is rare. The carbohydrates are usually taken earlier in the day, in order for them to be utilized the rest of the day. Weight-loss is not as dramatic as with other diets, but the plan is more balanced. Moreover, because of the emphasis on exercise, the plan is generally considered well-balanced. It usually lasts for only twelve weeks and so is not really a long-term diet program, although it could be with proper planning.

The Bodybuilding Diet focuses on producing muscle mass. This by itself can eliminate fat over time, but the emphasis is on supplementing a body workout regimen, rather than altering one’s dietary habit. This diet focuses on the high intake of protein and complex carbohydrates.

The High Protein Diet is quite similar to the Atkins Diet, but emphasizes on eating almost double the amount of protein intake. It’s quite controversial because many experts believe it to be harmful and unbalanced. Its ability to provide immediate weight loss to those who follow it, however, makes it extremely popular.

The Mediterranean Diet is not a strict diet but more of a lifestyle change. It is influenced by the observed healthy lifestyle of those living in the Mediterranean region. The diet consists of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, moderate intake of fish and low intake of meats and cheese. An active lifestyle is also required.

Considered the healthier alternative to the Atkins diet, the South Beach Diet discriminates against bad carbohydrates, but unlike Atkins, also warns against the consumption of saturated animal fats. The diet is made by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiologist who was not satisfied with the high fat content of the Atkins diet.

The Zone Diet is a diet plan that focuses on the correct proportional intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat to induce the correct balance of hormones which affect hunger and metabolism. Experts perceive it as a well-rounded diet plan although they are doubtful if the diet works in the way that it says it does.

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3 Popular Diets You Can Use

There are plenty of diet plans out there today, we will share three popular diets you can review that might fit your situation. Not all plans are created equal and your needs should blend in with the proper diet program. Read more for a listing of the three plans.

If your in search for a weight loss program the number one thing to watch out for is nutrition. Some plans will help you lose weight, but they fail on a scale of providing nutritional value. In fact, there were plans in the past that ended up banned by the FDA because of the negative health effects they had on your body.

Three Popular Diets To Consider

Atkins Diet Plan – well known low carb/high protein diet back in the 70’s.
Jenny Craig Diet Plan – Jenny’s delicious cuisine offers satisfying, nutritious and convenient meals and snacks that take the guesswork out of caloric intake. Still a well advertised and widely used plan in this year 2009.
Fat Flush Diet Plan – stimulates lymph flow to flush out toxins and cellulite fast! This diet will reduce tummy fat and fatty deposits. One of the more cleansing type of diets that focuses on cleaning the body thus reducing weight.

A diet program will only be as effective as you are consistent in using it. The other factor is what is the trigger that caused weight gain in the first place? Is it a medical condition, a emotional response or a habit. Get to the root cause of your weight gain and maybe a simple readjustment in diet will do the trick.

Popular Diets

Popular diet plans also known as Fad diets are step by step procedures to lose weight and maintain it. There are many diets popularly used all around the world. These popular diets are made keeping in mind different people with various physiques and health conditions that is why they are popular.

Here are some popular diets.

Ultimate Weight Solution by Dr. Phil

The idea is to manage weight and alter attitude/ behavior with respect to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Inculcation of healthy eating by removing fats, cholesterol, sugars etc from your diet. Use of these ingredients in this popular diet plan may prone you to various discomforts in the long run like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, fluctuating blood pressures etc.

Glycemic Index Diet

This popular diet is inclusive of low carbohydrates. Use the following ingredients only:

o oats, barely, bran for breakfast

o whole grain or stone ground flour or sour dough breads

o fresh vegetables and salads except potatoes

o basmati or doongara rice

Zone Diet

Make zones of your meal. Divide portions like 40% carbohydrates, 30% minerals and 30% protiens. You can make a variation according to your body requirement and change the portions as per need. Records need to be maintained and regularly checked in this popular diet plan.

Atkins Diet Plan

This diet plan enforces the use of protiens and a combination of minerals and vitamins subtracting all the carbohydrates. This popular diet will burn the fats stored and re-establish the body’s metabolism. It is proved that carbohydrates need to go out of your diet.

Raw Food Diet

Cooked food is processed and looses some essential enzymes which create a strong immune system. In addition, cooking the food makes it loaded with impurities, calories and fats. Nuts, seeds, ripe fruits, leafy vegetables are recommended in this popular diet plan.

South Beach Diet

First step is to remove carbohydrates and eat only protiens. There should be a reduction of about 8-12 pounds in this detoxification process. The second step should be to include only limited carbs in your diet. This should result in the removal of further 2-4 pounds per week. In the third phase you can eat almost everything but in reasonable quantity. The concept is to start drastically, lose pounds by finishing carbohydrates and inducing only low calories. Later decrease intake in general and revert back to normalcy in this popular diet.

Cabbage Soup Diet

Prepare a stock by boiling cabbage leaves in water, add salt to taste. Be sure not to add any fats or cholesterol. This soup is proved to burn calories and visibly reduces weight.

Sugar Buster

Sugar produces insulin in the body and result in storing fats as a consequence any kind of sugar, even as a by product from starchy complex carbohydrates are not to be consumed in this popular diet plan. This diet is especially suitable for diabetic patients, children, people suffering from hypoglycemia and cardiovascular diseases.